Region Adviser Vacancy: Peer Education Coordinator

Peer Education Coordinator

The Role

This 3 year post is the main point of contact for Counties; advising on Peer Education. They will support County Peer Education Coordinators, by providing relevant information and updates, and helping with any queries and issues. 


A wide range of support is offered by the Region Headquarters team, including advertising events and arranging meetings, to name a few. On accepting the role, a meeting will be arranged with the team to discuss the particular support required for your role. Training will also be provided (if required) on Go! and how it should be used for recording information and running reports.


Expenses Claim Forms should be submitted to the Region Headquarters. General expenses include postage, telephone calls, stationery, photocopying (if unable to use Region Heaquarters) and travelling.

How to Apply

For more information about the role and how to apply, please download the role description below:

Download the Peer Education Coordinator Profile

To apply, applicants should send a short explanation of why they would be suitable for the role, including their relevant experience. Applications should be sent to