BLOG: UK Parliament Week Resource

Check out Charlotte and Gemma's blog all about our UK Parliament Week Resource, and find out how it was put together! 

A couple of weeks ago we joined a group of ten volunteers headed to Region Headquarters in Preston to put together a fun and innovative resource for UK Parliament Week, which takes place all over the country from 13th-19th November.

We started the day by chatting with David, a member of the UK Parliament team, and spoke about the aims of UK Parliament Week. Their goal is to help young people learn about how Parliament works, so they understand why democracy is important, and to ultimately get them involved with Parliament.

Our challenge was to develop a fun and engaging resource that could be used for each section; from the youngest Rainbows to the oldest Senior Section members.

After an initial brainstorm we decided to develop the three different sections of UK Parliament’s work: explore, engage and empower, and we then came up with lots of ideas for activities. We came up with so many different activities, it took us some time to decide on the final ones to include in the resource, but we hope that there will be something in the pack that will interest and excite girls of all ages. Without giving too much away, units completing the UK Parliament Week resource could end up; hosting a local MP, debating in their own Houses of Parliament or even being stranded on a desert island!

In the days following our planning session we went away to finish the resource, and last week we received our copy of the final booklet. The finished product looks amazing and I can’t wait for my unit’s kit to arrive so that we can try some of the activities. We hope that you decide to give the UK Parliament Week resource a go - it’s empowering, exciting and a chance to do something a little different from the norm.

Register for the UK Parliament Week Resource here.